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Media Manager Application

Client: Aro In House R&D

Date: 2015

Skills: Research, Prototype, Interaction design, Visual UI Design.

Project Description

In 2013 the company decided to create a new version of the Content Management System (CMS). Significant changes in technologies as well as client and in-house requirements called for this. The company manages Websites, Booking Engines, E-shops, Email Campaigns and reporting for clients. The old system separated the management of these products. The new CMS would bring all products under one body. A central library for all documents and images needed for any product would be available for clients to use. As many of the features were needed quickly the different sections were prioritised and a schedule for completion was created. Certain sections of the CMS temporarily pulled in old functionality until the resources were available to redesign them. As a result of this significant design changes needed to be made to make them more user friendly.

I was the UX designer assigned to this project. The site media section is a library of documents and images that can be used in the management of any of the products that a client has such as their website, booking engine or email campaigns. The existing version of this product was confusing for clients. It did not follow real world conventions and information was not presented in a logical order. There was no clear distinction between image sections for different products. This was essential as different sizes and storage capacities and specifications were needed for different products. The names applied to groups of images did not make sense to users and were not in a logical order. It did not follow the core principles of interaction designThe aim was to make this section clean, simple, consistent, logical and user friendly. A design was created following these principles.