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Fintrax UX / UI Review Report

Client: Fintrax Financial Services

Date: 2015

Skills: UI Style guide creation, Reccommendations report and associated Visual Mockups.

Project Description

Fintrax Financial services were looking for a review of their current tax rebate system which was used by trained staff in Airport to refund tax. A report was created with several user experience improvements including functionality and visual changes. A number of mock-ups were created with appropriate changes outlined as well as a UI style sheet to irradiate the inconsistencies that existed in the current interface. Improvements included a clear clean design that highlight the short number of steps to complete a transaction. The company had highlighted the fact that new staff are regularly trained on the system but there were plenty of long term users also. This meant there was a need for help areas for those who were unfamiliar but these could not be intrusive to those who were familiar and needed to get though the process quickly. The addition of tool tips and help icons reduces the need for users to call for help.

In considering system improvements, multilingual capabilities were highly important. Languages such as Chinese were focused on as they had their own alphabet and therefore space requirements were significantly different. The current system failed to use error and information messages to keep the user informed on the results of their actions. They also failed to show the correct step to take next. Error messages were highlighted using red. This colour is familiar to users and means they quickly understand that they have taken an incorrect step. Blue was used when providing information on what to do next. This stands out from the rest of the screen. All considerations were combined and added to a report. This report detailed suggested UI styles, new functionality and possible future improvements.