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Booking Engine Phase 1

Client: Aro In House R&D

Date: 2014

Skills: Research, Prototype, Interaction design, Visual UI Design.

Project Description

The project involved the redesign of the company booking engine to meet modern web standards, improve design and allow for one system to account for desktop, mobile and ipad. A responsive, flexible booking engine was to be created that would be used for a large number of different hotels. Each hotel would be able to style the booking engine to suit their individual website design. With limited resources this phase of the project was predominantly front end Focused. It involved the design of a four step booking process involving date and occupancy selection, room selection, extras selection or bypass, payment process and Summary. Large scale changes such as changing the rate structure from occupancy to per room was not possible. This created a few limitations in hows the rooms would be displayed. However a number of additions to functionality were possible

The Design of this product had four phases. Research, Wireframing, Visual Design and QA. Research Methods included user questionnaires, user interviews, user scenarios, user journey maps, functionality requirement gathering, competitor analysis and heatmaps. Wireframing initially involved quick sketches. As the concept evolved Balsamiq was employed to create more rigid wireframes. Once structures were signed off and defined the visual interface was created in Adobe Photoshop. Subsequent to and during the build visual and User focused quality checks were carried out to ensure the product matched all supplied visuals and functionality requirements.